A bit About me

Jordan Rowe Video Producer and Director

Rowe Video productions is a dynamic fusion of experienced broadcast-industry professionals with a background in journalism and programme-making, a talented team of creatives who can unlock your vision using state-of-the-art hardware and software and, crucially, digital marketing experts with the know-how to help maximise your return-on-investment.

Jordan is a skilled and accomplished Director, yet but more importantly the force behind Rowe Video Productions. As founder and creator, chief coordinator, innovator and he is the always looking to push his own skill level, from the world recognised accomplished Confetti College in Nottingham to Universities and all this while running his own company.

 What we do.

My Video Production company was built on simple solutions, great ideas, minimal storytelling and continuous innovation. We aim to help brands, bands and businesses develop connect with their audience in a meaningful way, and help those looking for video coverage of that special occasion like weddings and civil engagements. I aim to put myself at the forefront of what’s possible, to help maximise your return-on-investment.


Our process.

Great videos only works if it solves a problem or fulfils the requirement. Therefore  start each and every project by immersing in the brief, and working collaboratively both in our team and clients to deliver a unique, impact solution.

Our clients.

My clients are our partners. As you trust us with your project, event and your brand, and more importantly their budget. We consider ourselves an extension of their team, and therefore we look to make sure that what is produced is in the we’ll run through walls to get them the result they desire in a style that represents your brand and our vision.





My Story

Jordan is an upcoming talented video producer and director from Nottingham. As well as being part of an award nominated group he has also worked solo on several projects and samples of his work can be seen in the portfolio. Jordan is a a one man show and talent with his own equipment and diverse skills set for any type of video. Such a energetic individual has been seen working on numerous locations regularly around Nottinghamshire and the surrounding area. Yet he does have studio facilities available in the city. Yet still finds time to engage in stimulating tactical and social hobbies like Wargaming and Board gaming, or writing adventures for his RPG group.

What can he do: Photographer, Videographer, Pre-production and planning, videoing and Social Media panning, Script projects, Directing, Lighting and Editing, Post production

Jordan is a a one man show and talent with his own equipment and diverse skills set for any type of video.